Roman Holiday – ETID


Truth is, I’ve listened to Every Time I Die since I was in high school. They’re just that: brutal. And loud, catchy and honest.

I tend to listen to them when I’m really pissed, need to feel like a badass, or get pumped up for something.

Their song Roman Holiday was the opener for their 5th album, New Junk Aesthetic. (And don’t you DARE compare it to that Nicki Minaj song.)

The term “Roman Holiday” has a few meanings. To some, it’s the 1953 movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. But if you’re not the Turner Classic Movies-type, it can refer to the fact that the Roman Empire took days off for gladiator games. According to Urban Dictionary (which I’m rarely stupid enough to trust) this means it could be loosely linked to the German idea of schadenfreude, or getting enjoyment from someone else’s misfortunes. AKA: It’s the, “I’m an asshole,” term. I’m fine with that.

I listened to this song one night before roller derby practice, and I try to hear it in my head when I’m forced to stand up on the jammer line.

Why, you may ask?

Because I get a Norman Bates-esque smile on my face when I hear the carnage of it.


My favorite lyrics of the song are:

I want the ripened fruit.
I want the fresh meat.
I want the first born.
I want the down beat.

When I hear the guttural scream, “Down beat,” in the song, I imagine taking out everything in my path.

And whether you’re on a war rampage, or playing in your favorite sport, that’s a damned good trigger to have.



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