Tick Tick Boom – The Hives

Last night when I left practice I was super energized. I left the Chop Shop and the weather was still kinda humid, but had a chill to it. So, I cracked the windows, and BLARED this song. (Don’t tell Brandon. I was driving his car.)

Tick Tick Boom is one of my MANY go-to “happy songs.” And that’s saying something. Because usually when I listen to a song repeatedly, I push myself to the point of hating it. But I haven’t been able to get myself to be weary of this song. And it was released in 2007!

It makes me feel like a badass, but I still have SO much fun at the same time. I feel like that describes a lot of what The Hives bring to the table.

They’re from Sweden, so as expected they’re really efficient: AT ROCKING YOUR FACE OFF. Started in the 90’s, they became well-known in the early 2000’s with the release of the single, “Hate to Say I Told You So.” But “Walk Idiot Walk,” also hit the charts a few years later, and while it had a somewhat smaller impact, it’s still one of my favorites.

But aside from those singles that are more recognizable, my favorite has to be “Abra Cadaver.” It’s faster, harder and…weirder. Give it a listen. Your foot will involuntarily start tapping.

In addition to their major rockage, The Hives are rather dapper. That helps, I suppose, if you care for that kind of thing. Personally, I think time and time again, it’s been shown that if a band has a uniformity of sorts, it makes a bigger impact. Just look at The Ramones. The Beatles. KISS. Daft Punk. Devo. GWAR. ICP. Oh, shit. You see where this is going…


Regardless, whether it makes a good impact or just sticks with you, their aesthetic fits beautifully with their sound. It’s a great pairing on their part, and makes them even more unforgettable.

So, if you’re looking to get amped up and are feel ultra-cool, The Hives are the band to turn to. I’d recommend starting with The Black And White Album (2007) and working your way backward through their catalogue. The Black and White Album is a solid way to get to know their sound and will prep you for their other (more irreverent) work.


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