In One Ear – Cage the Elephant

There are songs of rebellion that make my soul boil and froth. Right when the bubbles are at their height, and in danger of boiling over the edge, the heat is turned down to a violent simmer.

That’s what this song does to me.

I have listened to it since its release on Cage the Elephant’s self-titled album in 2009, and I still harbor a feverish passion for it.

Wanna know something, though, that I find funny? The song has two videos. The first is embedded above, and was released in 2008.

In 2010 after the album was released, a new video was created for it, and is the one that shows up when you do initial searches for the song. It’s more trendy and has a Coachella-feel (i.e. Native American headdresses *shudder*).


Regardless of the Video 1/Video 2 debate, I still love this song.

When I was in college, I was on the student newspaper called The Northerner. Just like any other publication, a lot of our content quality was based on the editorial staff. When my friend Jesse came on as interim Editor-in-Chief, we fought to get back to serious journalism. We pissed people off, and did our best to write about things that mattered. Things that the administration didn’t want the students knowing.

See, just as many administrations, NKU believed that they were the parents and we were the children. There were just things that we were better off not knowing. And at The Northerner, we couldn’t have disagreed more. After Jesse was editor, Cassie stepped in, then I did. In hindsight, I wasn’t an amazing editor. But I did my best. And overall, I feel like The Northerner made a difference.

That preface was needed because Jesse and I danced through the office to this song on multiple occasions. I wore my keys on a carabiner, so they jingled like a janitor when I shimmied. Our staff thought we were idiots, but we didn’t care.

But it goes in one ear, and right out the other,
People talkin’ shit, even though they never bother,
It goes in one ear, and right out the other,
People talkin’ shit, they can kiss the back of my hand!

You hear that?
You hear what’s coming?
Oh, you better run for the hills
‘Cause we’re coming to your town
And we’re gonna burn that motherfucker down

Here’s the moral to the story
We don’t do it for the glory
We don’t do it for the money
We don’t do it for the fame
So all the critics who despise us
Go ahead and criticize us
It’s your tyranny that drives us
Adds the fire to our flames

Those words couldn’t have been truer. We had administration and professors saying that our stories were lies, when we had the legal docs to prove otherwise. We had people threatening to sue us, and departments that wouldn’t speak to us. We needed a song that allowed us to laugh it all off.

Now that I’ve graduated and I have a much less controversial job (ironically), I still enjoy this song, but it speaks to me in a different way.

As mentioned, Cage the Elephant has grown in popularity and as artists. Their newest album, Melophobia, released in 2013 is less raw than their first two. Their sound is still enjoyable to listen to in day-to-day life, but I find that I need the edge that their self-titled album had. And the memories.


One thought on “In One Ear – Cage the Elephant

  1. Thank you for causing a Cage binge this afternoon … and reminding me of the time I … left … their concert before they even took the stage. Sad memories. I STILL haven’t seen them live.


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