Luxury – Jon Bellion

Sometimes there’s a talent that slaps you upside the head, and regardless of your musical preferences, you have to tip your hat.

Jon Bellion is one of those talents. He’s written for artists including Eminem, Rihanna and Jason Derulo, and finally decided to release his own album in 2014.

I first heard “Luxury” on Spotify, and I’ll repeat it again, I LOVE HORN SAMPLES.

Bellion created an interesting video highlighting how the song was made, and I loved seeing him break down music note by note and then re-shape it.

He used his beatpad to take the best samples of each note and build his instrumental chorus that way. While I’m normally all for using old school methods in music, I can’t help but admire his thoroughness with his music. When someone has a vision and makes it happen, you have to applaud that passion and gusto.

The fact that he has all of this technology at his fingertips and chooses to use an instrumental chorus speaks to his love of music. He doesn’t care what means he has to use to get his message across. He even addresses it lyrically in the song: The chorus and instrumental, oh you think it’s odd? I don’t have you give you lyrics ‘cuz I know it’s God. That’s why I get emotional when the chorus drops.

He enlisted the help of Judy Garland’s great-great-niece, Audra Mae for ending vocals, and they add a powerful cap to the song. Audra Mae has released albums on her own, and I really admire Bellion seeking out the artists that fit his vision, regardless of name or title.

All of it culminates in a track that’s powerful, catchy and impactful. It gives me hope that music can still be fresh. Because so often we hear people say that modern music doesn’t have heart. And despite current technology, I think Jon Bellion proved that sentiment 1000% wrong.


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