Breezeblocks – alt-J

alt-J has been making waves for a few years now, and there’s a solid reason why – their shit is GOOD. Like, umlaut-deserving güd. I first heard them on internet radio and I thought they were so bizarre that I had to go back for a second listen. “Breezeblocks” was my introduction to the band, and while the rest of An Awesome Wave, was catching, no other song replaced this one.

I mean, how can it be topped when it even has a Where the Wild Things Are reference?


The minute I realized that This Is All Yours was released, “Left Hand Free,” captured my attention. This Is All Yours is far from being a “sophomore slump” album, and I think the slight change in their sound opened them up more for a mainstream audience. It’s a tweak so small that it’s barely audible, but if you give both albums a good listen, you’ll catch onto it.

Lead singer Joe Newman is able to manipulate his voice to have an unnatural tinge to it, and it really wasn’t surprising to hear he was a Brit. (They have a unique way of utilizing their accent.) And while you may argue that they’re a hipster band, (which I wouldn’t fully dispute) I have to say they’re still worth it. Most hipster bands grow old quick. But alt-J has a genuine talent.

I watched a few of their live performances to see if they could live up to the album, and they really go for it. I got goosebumps listening to them play “Breezeblocks” at the 2013 Reading Festival. I dare you to not do the same.


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