I’m a Lady – Santigold

This song exudes an effortless cool and unsurprisingly, I’ve found that many musicians quote Santigold as an artistic influence. Santigold (born Santi White) is an American artist with an eclectic approach to her music, blending synth, bounding drums and African influences.

Santogold is by far her most well-known album, with “L.E.S. Artistes” holding the bulk of public attention. Her stage name was originally Santogold, until the threat of a lawsuit from an artist named Santo, so she made the adjustment to Santigold, which explains why you’ll see both versions of her name floating around on the internet.

“I’m a Lady” was the first song that turned me onto her, and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s fun, confident and unexpected. Her lyrics match the beat perfectly, and the overall vibe is serene but strong.

Despite the fact that Santogold is her most established success, she plugged forward with a wonderful release, Master of My Make-Believe in 2012, and featured artists like Karen O to bolster the sound. Not to be forgotten, though was her contribution to The Hunger Games series, “Shooting Arrows at the Sky.” For being featured in conjunction with such a dystopian society, this song was both eerie and, I felt, fully encapsulated something I would want to hear from the soundtrack.

Santigold is one of those artists that I can listen to in virtually any mood, or any weather. Some of the music I listen to only fits certain seasons or mindsets for me, but her music feels…open. It doesn’t try to define your mood or activity. It’s easy to plug in as background noise, or for a drive on a summer day.

I think Santigold is incredibly dynamic as an artist, and she’s a phenomenal representation of what women can be as musicians. Santigold is vicious, but doesn’t have to say it in order for you to believe it. All she has to do is present her work and it speaks for itself.


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