Pedestrian at Best – Courtney Barnett

No lie, I heard about Courtney Barnett through a post a friend put on Facebook. She was referencing the clowns in the video, but when I heard the song, it wouldn’t stop spinning in my head.

Then, this morning as we were pulling up to work, Brandon had put on WNKU, and they mentioned Barnett. It put her back into my consciousness, so I figured it was only appropriate to post about her.

Barnett’s album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit is WNKU’s album of the month for July and she’s received multiple accolades, including rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Paste, Pitchfork and The Guardian. Barnett has also been featured on shows like the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, further cementing her encroach into the mainstream.

The Aussie musician is being hailed as a rising star, and no one seems to know quite how to define her. Some say she fits in a category called “slacker rock,” while others say that her lyrics defy that, and shine a light on the mundane parts of life, echoing Bob Dylan’s approach.

Regardless of her place in music, Barnett has a knack for making her presence feel natural to the listener. The slight twinge of her Australian accent gives her away in most songs, and her choices are always on-point and deliberate.

If you find yourself hopping from one song to the next on Sometimes I Sit don’t be alarmed. While “Pedestrian at Best” is her leading cry, the rest of the tracks provide a casual sound that will drag you in.



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