Black Sheep – Gin Wigmore

It’s pretty safe to say that black and white videos are a stark approach that many artists are using right now.

Wigmore’s sophomore album Gravel & Wine was released in 2011, and the New Zealand artist traveled throughout the US to find inspiration for the bluesy release.

This Kiwi was informed that she knew nothing of the blues, but I think her songs are cloaked in a very genuine sound. Her travels through the States didn’t hurt her efforts.

She pulled the album title, Gravel & Wine from a lyric in “Black Sheep,” and states quite simply that, “It’s a song for the people that want to carve out their own path – not do what everyone else is doing.”

I’d say that Wigmore is a perfect extension of the Southern Gothic playlist that I’ve mentioned before. Her songs are earthy, spooky, full of soul and always have an edge.

For more on Wigmore and her approach, I’d highly suggest the interview below. It was informative and succinctly gave me insight into this wonderful artist.


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