On The Regular – Shamir

I heard this song and immediately thought of Paris is Burning or Party Monster. It reeks of late 80’s/early 90’s Club Kid culture and I totally adore that.

I can imagine a huge group of people voguing to this.


Surprisingly enough, I first heard this song on the trailer to We Are Your Friends, and I’d never imagined hearing it as the backdrop to some god-awful Zac Efron movie. Even Bailey seemed to be surprised, posting on Twitter on July 24th:

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.38.11 AM

Shamir Bailey is only 20, but is bursting onto the dance-pop scene. I truly expected to hear that Shamir was from Paris, but his accent told me he was American. As a Las Vegas native, he proclaims that the city is boring; his music is anything but. Being so young, Bailey seems to be aware of his talent, but is still humble and excited to be in the scene. That’s a rare trait that is often beat out of artists even at a young age.

Bailey has even been quoted in interviews as saying, “Sometimes I think I’m a little asexual and just like, I don’t like anyone. I just, like, all I want to do is just sing. If I could just sing every day, and that’s all, I honestly would literally be just fine.” For sounding a little nervous and unsure of himself in that moment, Bailey is always sure of one thing: music is life.


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