Paper Girl – July Talk

Today I couldn’t help but think, “DAMMIT! Why is all new music reminding me of a mix of The Black Keys and Fun.??!”

So, desperate, I turned to Spotify (as I am wont to do).

Apparently, Spotify created a new playlist for me called, “Discover Weekly,” that updates every Monday.

“THANK GAWD that not everything sounds the same,” my happy ears exclaimed.


And then, a gravelly voice went and changed it all. When “Paper Girl,” by July Talk first started playing, I envisioned a scruffy old white dude with a long beard and a beer gut. Nope. As soon as I watched the video, all of my expectations were destroyed. And it was amazing.

It’s so easy to have preconceived notions about what an artist will look like, talk like, or even what their skin color is. But it’s always incredibly humbling when you realize your assumptions were off-base.

July Talk is a Toronto-based band full of gutsy, blues-based bravado.

The formidable tones of Peters voice are offset by the overly-feminine touch of Leah’s vocals.

So far, all of their music videos are in black and white, which lends a really classic vibe to their appearance.

I really can’t say enough about July Talk in terms of their talent. Every song I’ve heard is worth a listen, and they’re incredibly intriguing as artists and people.

I feel like their music would be the perfect backdrop to Peaky Blinders or Gangs of New York. Despite being modern, July Talk has the gruffness that makes them fitting for badasses of any era.



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