A New Wave – Sleater-Kinney

The other day, I made my husband do a double-take, as I openly called him a feminist.

“I didn’t know you’d categorize me as that,” he said.

“You listen to Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney. C’mon,” I replied.

And it’s true! My husband is more of a feminist than I’d ever thought. He doesn’t objectify women, and he often says that I’m the “tough” one.

Well, his adventures into female-centered bands paid off.

Of course I’d heard of Sleater-Kinney, but I’d never taken the time to listen to them.

Knowing my affinity for Bob’s Burgers and Portlandia, Brandon played me this video.

Immediately I was surprised by 2 things: how FUCKING ADORABLE the video is. Seriously, the Belcher kids never fail to charm. And how WONDERFUL Carrie Brownstein’s voice is.

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering how I consider myself a music fan and failed to hear her for this long. Because I’m an asshat, that’s why.

Esquire boldly called Sleater-Kinney “The Best Band in the World,” in 2007, and it’s been argued that they are one of the rare artists that haven’t released anything less than perfection.

To further prove their influence, Sleater-Kinney’s friends recorded themselves singing “Cities to Love” as a precursor to their album release. There’s some faces you’ll recognize.

Brownstein recognizes the importance of that Kinney does. She was quoted by the NYT as saying, “’After we stopped playing, I was more aware that we did not have clear predecessors or successors,” Ms. Brownstein said. “Which is probably the thing I’m most proud of. There was really no one like this band. It’s like a language that was going extinct.'”

Perhaps that’s why they got back together: despite Sleater-Kinney’s past issues with touring and a few of them not fitting with that lifestyle, they all realize that this is something bigger than themselves.


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