What You Don’t Do – Lianne La Havas

I love having friends with impeccable music taste. It’s so easy to get into a rut, but when I see or hear something that one of my influencers is listening to, I’m immediately back on course.

Lianna La Havas’ song “What You Don’t Do,” really jumpstarted my morning.

It’s a soulful, upbeat track that reminds me of early 90’s Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. You may wonder when you hear Lianne’s voice why I compared it to those over-the-top divas, but it’s the beat and the instrumentation.

The background soars behind Lianne’s vocals, which only serves to uplift her incredible voice. This is the perfect track for driving in the car with friends and singing along together.

La Havas is impressive in any capacity, and her 2015 album Blood is a fantastic effort. Apparently, Havas traveled to Jamaica and used it as inspiration for the album, as well as using her Jamaican and Greek heritage as influencers.

She said in interviews that every song was written about family, and her love for the craft of the album shows.



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