Rumble – Kelis

Just like almost everyone on the planet, when I think of Kelis, the first thing that comes to my mind is the froth of “Milkshake.”



But in case you were ready to shoehorn Kelis into the role of One-Hit Wonder, she’d love to prove  you wrong.

In “Rumble,” off of her 2014 effort Food, Kelis channels 60’s soul. It reminds me of trips to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Her sultry and raspy voice have a soulful vigor in the chorus that oddly reminds me of Stevie Wonder.

The polished track is perfect for a still-fresh breakup and is a great addition to more recent anthems of empowerment by other female artists.

Some listeners may argue that Kelis is trying too hard on her return to the music industry, but I couldn’t disagree more. This feels more genuine, and I feel like I’m listening to her talk to Nas during their divorce.

And, as always, as we all know by now, the horn section definitely helped my positive association with the song.

Here’s to hoping Kelis remains less “Milkshake,” and a whole lot more soul.


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