Gold – Chet Faker

This song isn’t new to many – featured on the 2015 Apple MacBook commercial.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, music permeates everything we do. I heard fellow roller girls raving about this “new” video featuring roller girls and checked it out. The song sounded SO familiar, until I looked back in my SoundHound history and realized I’d known it for over a year.

Faker received a lot of attention for the video, directed by Hiro Murai. Whether or not much of that attention was appropriate is another thing, but it’s undeniable that the three featured skaters: Appelusa McGlynn, April Corley and Candice Heiden are INSANELY talented and mesmerizing.

The video is eerie as hell and once you watch it all the way through, you’ll see that it couldn’t have fit the song any more perfectly.

It’s hard to believe that Faker is only a year older than myself. (It’s one of those things that makes you feel like a loser.) He’s an Australian electronic musician best known for his cover of “No Diggity” that made it to a Super Bowl commercial. Without a doubt, “Gold” is better, far more original (obviously), and just plain surprising.

According to Murai in an article for Billboard, “We shot it in Acton, Calif., at night — I’m sure it looked terrifying to the people who drove past us.”

Faker also said for the article, “If the pitch for the video had come from any other director, I would have said no,” Faker says. “The experience was weird as hell, but the result is beyond what I had imagined.”

While I haven’t given a listen to the rest of Faker’s library, I can promise that if the rest of his songs have that kind of sensual soul to them, they’re worth a listen.


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