The Next Storm – Frank Turner

Sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll turn on WNKU and open my mind to new music.

Yesterday, I was helping my friend Jarrett move, and as I drove across town to his new place, Frank Turner came on the radio.

I was enjoying the song so much that I forgot to Soundhound it, and when I checked at the end of the song, I couldn’t find it!

So I went to WNKU’s website and looked through their playlists, playing everything that sounded faintly familiar until I found it.

And then I rejoiced.

When I finally saw the video, there was an interesting focal point: CM Punk.

The song is uplifting and up-tempo, urging you to think that it’s positive. But there’s a rougher undercurrent that reminds me almost of Flogging Molly.

Maybe it’s the fact that the band is wearing suspenders and they’re in a boxing ring. I surely hope that my comparison standards aren’t that low. *shrug*

Regardless, Frank Turner has an intriguing voice and some great metaphors in his lyrics that made me want to hear the whole of Positive Songs for Negative People.

I appreciate his tongue-in-cheek approach to both his album title and music in general. Turner was the frontman for a post-hardcore band, which explains the edge to his voice. He won awards for Hardest-Working Artist and Best Live Act from AIM in 2011, which shows that Turner has a solid foundation in the community he’s a part of.

With an interesting personal history, and thoughtful, fun songs to go along with it, I’d say that Turner is deserving of an extended listen. Give him a spot in your rotation. He’ll win you over, too.



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