Trying – Bully

Sometimes I hear an artist and they immediately send me into a That’s So Raven-esque vision. Except instead of to the future, it’s straight to the past.


When I heard Bully pop up into my rotation, I swore they must’ve been a 90’s band that got thrown in by accident. They were reminiscent of Kim Deal, Courtney Love, Letters to Cleo and Tsunami Bomb.

When I was younger, I remember watching 10 Things I Hate About You, and loving all of the music, but most of all, wishing more than anything that I could be as cunning and cool as Kat Stratford.

I remember her carrying The Feminist Mystique through bookstores, curling up with The Bell Jar on the couch after school, and most of all – making boys feel stupid.

Bully’s song, “Trying,” reminded me of something that an angry Kat would be blaring out of her speakers.

For one fleeting moment, I thought, “Maybe I’ve become her! Maybe I’m finally that intelligent and cool.” As I said: that moment was FLEETING.

I realized I wouldn’t even be lucky enough to hear this gem if it weren’t for instant shuffle.

This Nashville band signed to Columbia label Startime International and released their first album, Feels Like this year, but their first single, “Milkman” was released in 2014.

At first I wondered just what I’d be able to find on them, but the minute I searched “Bully band” into Google, a Chicago Tribune article posted YESTERDAY popped up.

Sorry, but I had to pat myself on the back. ‘Good on me for finding them so soon,’ I thought. It’s not often that I’m onto something good before others are.

The likes of Nerdist and Pitchfork are also hopping the train to Bullyville, and I think it’s only smart. The 90’s nostalgia hits full-force with Milennials, and as I pointed out earlier in the post, I’m no more immune to it than the Starbucks toting, Uggs-wearing sorority-types. I can’t help it. Music was good then. It was fresh then. It was unapologetic.

As I delve deeper into Bully’s inaugural release, I can only hope that they’ll keep the wheels turning for this type of music. God knows that as the world continues to move faster, we’re going to start craving rawness like this even more.



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