Moaning Lisa Smile – Wolf Alice

I was a loser in school. I’ll admit it. I still have PTSD whenever “teams” are chosen as an adult. I stand up there, just praying to God I’m not last.

So I know that feeling all too well – that feeling of standing out for all of the “wrong” reasons.


But I also know what the elation of finding your own tribe feels like. You no longer care if you’re chosen last, because you don’t want to play the damned game anyway.


That’s what “Moaning Lisa Smile” by Wolf Alice reminds me of.

In the video, the lead character struggles to make it work with a lineup of Heathers and Plastics. In the end, she’s adopted by a trio of glam-rock looking amazons who help her feel fierce and take control.

It made my little misfit heart sing.

Oh, and by the way: those “amazons,” are the other members of Wolf Alice. Kudos to them for playing along (and walking fiercely in those heels!).

But before I found the brilliance of the video, I was enthralled by the song itself.

As I posted about Bully a few weeks ago, I feel like Wolf Alice is filling an interesting gap in music.

The English band released My Love is Cool in June of this year, and they’re currently touring all over the world.

Their eclectic mix is intriguing. Initially, I hopped onto the 90’s influence that I heard from them, but they also have that glam rock touch where everything is just a bit over the top.

But don’t think for a minute that Wolf Alice’s approach takes away from their commentary. They tackle both irrelevance and social issues with ease. Their video for “You’re a Germ,” resembles a campy horror flick, while “She” delves into gender dysphoria and self-acceptance.

They’ve said in interviews that they’re not trying to strive for uniformity as a band. They embrace the fact that they’re four individuals coming together to form their sound, and I think that informs a lot of their efforts.

It’s been established that Wolf Alice took their name from a story about a girl who was raised by wolves. And it reflects in their sound. They have a sweetness and an ability to get caught in your mind, but they can raise up to a cacophony.



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