Blame It On the Boogie – The Jacksons

Despite the cheerful time of year, there’s a lot of darkness in the world right now.

Mass shootings have taken over the news and quite frankly, they aren’t even news anymore. Then, there’s the events in Paris. Terrorism. Refugees. Planned Parenthood shootings. San Bernardino.

It’s enough to make your head spin. Your heart ache.

While turning away from reality isn’t the correct reaction, it’s still acceptable to seek solace. I seek mine in music. While there’s a huge “blame game,” going on right now in the world, I’m gonna Blame It On the Boogie.

Here’s to the beautiful life I’m lucky enough to have. I hope yours is every bit as wonderful.

For those that don’t have love or light this season, please consider donating to the following organizations. These are only a few of the amazing non-profits that are putting in overtime this season.

Planned Parenthood
Hoxworth Blood Center
American Refugee Committee



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