Here – Alessia Cara

While the Millennial generation often elicits groans, I can’t deny some of the new talent that’s making an impact. (Even if I don’t always understand some of the generational trends.)


Alessia Cara is a prime example of a promising artist that offers so much more than many of her peers.

“Here,” was definitely a breakout track in 2015, and I’m not original for taking notice of it. But when it repeatedly came through my earbuds, I couldn’t forget her clean, clear voice.

I love the subject matter of being bored and out-of-place at a shallow party, where others are “living it up.” Cara speaks to the introverts of the world, and it’s about damned time.

In a recent interview, Cara admitted that she realized the track had the same chords as an Isaac Haye’s song, so she overlaid a part of it onto the track, so his ethereal voice repeatedly apologizes.

I can understand with that intelligence and knowledge of her predecessors why Def Jam scooped her up.

“Here” chugs into a full-blown anthem of annoyance, and for once, I can fully see why a song is topping charts. I can’t wait to see what Cara produces as she moves forward. Blue-eyed soul or not, the girl’s got it.


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