Run! – M&O

Sometimes a song starts playing and it has such a striking familiarity that it feels like the artist and I are family. That if I met them, I could say, “Remember when we…” and it would make total sense to this total stranger.

When “Run!” made my rotation, those were the thoughts that hit me. I felt like I’d settled onto my couch in my favorite sweats with tea and it was snowing outside, and I was in a vignette of someone’s movie.

Francesca Buchko's work "The Loft," perfectly illustrates how "Run!" makes me feel.

Francesca Buchko’s work “The Loft,” perfectly illustrates how “Run!” makes me feel.

Perhaps it’s the haunting melody during the chorus, but M&O (standing for Milo and Otis) have a fantastic dynamic.

The duo calls Chicago home, and describe themselves as “an authentic respite.” Holy shit. They read my mind.

Jamila Woods vocals, paired with Owen Hill’s production strike out into what they call “adventure soul.”

For as arresting as the song is, the lyrics add an element of sinisterness:

Oh, you might’ve loved me in the dark
Might’ve loved me like a shark
Loves the shadow of a boat

 M&O seems to revel in that quality: pairing an unexpected smoothness and light to even the roughest edges of life.

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