Good – Layne

Some songs are simultaneously sad and happy at the same time. It’s such a strange sentiment, but it’s one that I feel often. It’s like a rainy day, but smiling at the overcast sky.

So, who would’ve thought that an indie pop band from LA would be able to sum up that feeling so perfectly?

Layne isn’t easy to learn about; their online presence is limited. They’re new, and their aesthetic is trendy – black and white images with frayed jeans and undercut hair. On their Facebook page, they list The 1975 as an artist of influence, and it shows. They’re just as trendy as that English alt band. And their Instagram mimics July Talk closely, with desaturated and black and white imagery taking the forefront.

But their sonic impact isn’t to be overlooked. They juxtapose haunting imagery with moody but hopeful vocals.


A journal entry on Layne’s Facebook page that shows the origins of “Good.”

I feel like I’m listening to the sounds of the Pacific Northwest. It’s so strange to categorize a band that way. I’m not chucking Layne in a category with Nirvana – I’m chucking them in a category with expansive mountains and swaths of grey.

Sometimes it’s nice to smile at a cloudy sky, though.


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