Love Me – The 1975

Would you like the recipe for this delectable song by The 1975?

Here goes:

Take an immersion blender and a metal bowl. Toss in a bit of “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel, a shake of “Fame” by David Bowie, and just a pinch of “It’s Your Thing,” by The Isley Brothers.

Bake it on the current Billboard Hot 100 Charts for a few weeks, and you’ll have “Love Me.”

When I heard this track on the radio, I seriously placed it in the 80s. I swore I was listening to an original MTV rotation copycat. And maybe I was. But I’m okay with that.

It helps that the “Love Me,” video is frolicking throwback with Matt Healy dancing shirtless in mirth around cardboard cutouts.

The bands pastel-colored play-fest mixed perfectly with the bouncy nature of the song. It was fun, light, and uber-catchy.

My husband is highly-cynical of modern music and usually uses my playlists as an opportunity to make fun of the current “One Hit Wonders.” He loves to remind me that these artists won’t matter next week.

That’s perfectly fine, though. Because I plan on tricking him with this one. I can see him being shocked when I proudly announce that The 1975 is currently receiving air time. He’ll be embarrassed that he likes it. After all, I was.



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