Pretty Pimpin’ – Kurt Vile

Some songs sound like what a daze feels like. They lull you into a quiet complacency that feels safe, sad, and inspiring.

That’s what “Pretty Pimpin'” by Kurt Vile gives me. It allows me to mellow out and feel at peace – which is a rare and exciting state.

This song urges me to go to the closest park and walk alone on a trail. To lay in bed and listen to it on loop on a rainy day. To sing to it in the car. It’s equal parts relatable and melancholy.

It’s a special gift that Kurt Vile has to make a song that is both an ear worm and to offer a message.

I’ve found myself so busy lately that I have forgotten entire days and what I did. I have to write down my daily schedule just so I remember where – and who – I’m supposed to see. Sometimes, all I have is the physical breathing part of myself left to offer.


I know that I often create my own busy schedule, but there’s some sort of masochistic reason I do it. I give parts of myself away to others – here’s my heart – my love – my hate – you can have anything you need, and sometimes that doesn’t leave much left for me.

It’s easy to look in the mirror and feel like Kurt Vile – “Then I proceeded to brush some stranger’s teeth, but they were my teeth and I was weightless…”

The beautiful thing is that for all of the sadness this song evokes, it – for some reason – also inspires hope. That I won’t always be tired or want to be alone. We all need to define our own space sometimes – whether others get it or not.



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