Thank God For Sinners – Ty Segall

It’s no secret that sometimes I enjoy things that are delightfully strange.

While carpooling to practice last week, a teammate and I struck up a conversation about music. “Have you ever heard of Ty Segall,” she said. I had not. She immediately played this song, and it’s been in my rotation ever since.

However, it wasn’t until I looked up the video that I realized that Ty is letting his “freak flag” fly, and it only made me love him more.

I love grungy, crunchy garage rock. The kind where the guitar and vocals sound like they’re battling sandpaper. This song has that quality.

It also helps that the title alone makes it appealing. The video has a strange effect of making me feel slightly uncomfortable as body parts rotate through a kaleidoscope of shapes and forms. At the very end, Ty’s tongue is ripped out violently by the hands that have been in the video the whole time.

His odd mix of Marc Bolan, Iggy Pop and David Bowie make his music infectious, and his videos squirm-worthy.

Regardless, Ty is someone I’ll be listening to on the regular from now on. His aesthetic and sound match perfectly with a hard workout or chilling at home.

Ty Segall1.gif


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