Carolina – Harry Styles

This is a name I never thought would hit my blog. When I heard “Sign of the Times,” I knew I liked it, but then when I found out who sang it, I was in shock.

I’ve said this before, but sometimes you have to drop the musical snobbery and just enjoy something that’s good. Like, undeniably good. If I weren’t to know this was Harry Styles, it would have been in instant rotation. If I judged it by the fact that it was by Harry Styles, it never would have hit rotation. And that’d be a huge loss.

One Direction fans always sickened me with their obsessiveness. It was like 1D could do no wrong, and that automatically made me leery of them. It didn’t help that their music felt generic and their audience were about 12 years-old.Fans-In-Crowd-Screaming

After leaving One Direction, Harry Styles took a decidedly 60s/70s vibe in both appearance and musical approach. High pitched repetitive vocals, open-chested shirts, and clunky guitars seem to be the name of the game for him now. The best example of this is the ultra-catchy “Carolina,” which is gaining a following already.

He is definitely doing is due-diligence to shed the “boy band” label, and be viewed as a heavy-hitter in the writing/composition side of the industry.

The entire self-titled album he recently released is an easy listen. There’s a constant thread of similarity in songs, but they differ enough to each pique your interest. I’d say give it a listen, even if you’re a Motorhead fan. It’ll soften you to this 1D member. And if that doesn’t do the trick, watch the recent Carpool Karaoke with him. Endearing and talented. Two words I didn’t think would describe Mr. Styles.


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