Hop Along – Tibetan Pop Stars

Few songs get me this pumped from the first note. The guitar riff mixed with Frances Quinlan’s ragged vocals make you feel like a badass. Quinlan’s voice goes from soft to violent, and it’s clear that she’s in total control of it, but it still feels on-the-edge enough to excite you.  When she suddenly drops down into a softer, more seductive tone and croons, “Nobody deserves you the way that I do,” I think it’s ultimately relatable, but also empowering. It’s not common for someone to come out and state something so boldly and assuredly.

In an interview with Westword, Quinlan said:

When describing her performance, “people use the word ‘urgency’ a lot,” she says. “I appreciate urgency, but that’s not really the first thing I’m going for. Urgency means ‘What’s the quickest way I can get this across?’ I’d like to think of it more as ‘What’s the best way to get this across?’”

For some reason, when I listen to this song, I can’t help sing along. I know I sound like shit, but I’m having so much fun that I don’t care.

Hop Along has a distinct power in their music that makes the listener feel engaged and enthralled. Nothing they create sounds like an accident or mistake. It’s carefully created by musicians that have different interests that all manage to intersect.

While they now have two albums out, I’d advise anyone new to them to listen to their LP “Get Disowned,” first. Find their sound, savor it, and move on to their other powerful storytelling.



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